Summer Essentials Kit


The key to a beautiful complexion is your skincare professional who knows and understands the skin in depth, and can customize your AlumierMD experience. No more guess work, get a routine that is tailored to your skin’s specific needs, and see real results sooner than you think!


With two powerful serums to target the signs of hyperpigmentation and ageing this supercharged kit will infuse the skin with brightness and luminosity making it a true essential this summer. Limited edition.

This kit contains:

EverActive C&E™ + Peptide Serum – 15ml/Vitamin C 2.7g

A potent antioxidant serum with unique delivery system ensuring the 15% vitamin C complex is always optimally active. The vitamin C crystals are kept separate in a unique cap and only mixed into the bottle of serum when you are ready to use it.

Directions – Apply 3 – 4 drops once daily in the morning after cleansing. Gently massage into face, neck and décolleté in an upward motion. Follow with specialty products and sunscreen.

EvenTone – 30ml
A lightweight serum containing potent skin-lightening agents to brighten the complexion and reduce the appearance of uneven skin tone. Hydroquinone-free.


Directions – Apply 1-2 pumps twice daily after cleansing and EverActive C&E™ + Peptide Serum AM and Retinol Resurfacing Serum PM. Gently massage into face, neck and décolleté in an upward motion. Follow with an AlumierMD sunscreen AM and moisturiser PM.


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